Hi there, I’m Eden Rudin

Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate

I teach simple and easy to implement online business strategies to overworked entreprenuers.

Helping You Achieve Success

You Have BIG Plans

Skipping the learning curve and diving right in is part of your entrepreneurial spirit, I get it, I’m an entrepreneur too.

But when you don’t know exactly what you are diving into, you can waste a lot of time and energy just trying to figure it out.

You don’t want to cobble together your online presence, remember first impressions count in the online world too. 

I have helped hundreds of businesses with various elements of their online business presence. I take pride in knowing I have helped them  project their best foot forward in this digital world.

Ways I Can Help You

Online Business Building Strategy Sessions

Social Media Strategy Coaching

On-Brand WordPress Websites

Logos, Business Visuals and Workbook/Ebook Design

Email Marketing System Implementation and Training


Business Page Bootcamp

Take Your Facebook Page from Startup to Optimized and Engaged

Your Facebook business page can be a HUGE asset to your marketing arsenal.

Stop the struggle of trying to figure it all out on your own.

Join me for a 5 week LIVE and INTERACTIVE bootcamp and find Facebook Success.

Social Media Manager Academy

What if you could create a business where you work for yourself, with dream clients, while making an income that supports you and gives you the ability to have all the things you have ever dreamed of?

It’s possible, I’ve done it and I want to show you how you can too.

About Me

I saw the power of Facebook, first hand, with my brick and mortar business in 2008, and I was hooked!

Since 2009 I have passionately helped hundreds of business owners maximize their digital marketing efforts, from online advertising to website design and implementation, and all the nuts and bolts in-between.

On stage I ignite business owners with the ‘I can do this’ feeling by teaching them actionable and simple methods to enhance their Facebook presence. 

Fun factoid – my husband and I are real life nomads and travel the globe with just 2 suitcases.

Are you STUCK when it comes to WHAT to post on your Facebook Page?

It never fails, you see that ‘Write a Post’ box and you freeze up.

Your mind is as blank as the white space in front of you.

I’ve put together a FREE list of 30+ ideas, to spark your creativity, would that help?


This gal is a freakin’ social media guru! Highly recommended for digital nomads, small biz owners, and everyone in between.

Natasha Moore

Eden is a great example of someone that knows how to use social media effectively. I’ve seen her share great ideas and insights that can truly help any business or client grow leaps and bounds. You would be crazy not to work with her! Make sure to follow the advice she gives you because it will forever change your business.

Kevin Lau

Global Head of Customer Advocacy, Digital Experience @Adobe

She is amazing and her trainings has helped me so much with my Facebook profile and page!!!

Danna Cruzan

Alpha One Innovations

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