If you value your security on Facebook then I suggest you UNFRIEND any business who you are ‘friends’ with on Facebook. It just takes a minute – go through your friends list, if it’s not a real person – unfriend them!
Let me explain – A business on Facebook should be setup as a PAGE that you LIKE not a profile that you ‘friend’, the reason is to protect YOUR PRIVACY and prevent businesses from spamming you.
A ‘friend’ has access to anything that you make available to all your friends (where you work, your birthdate, where you went to school, your past employers, your family tree, your photos…etc).
A Page (w/LIKES) can ONLY see what you make public to everyone and cannot post on your wall (spam) you.
So if you are friends with local businesses on Facebook I suggest you take back your personal security and unfriend them.
Maybe even suggest to them to create a Page because you are still interested in what they are doing but you don’t need them to have access to your personal info.
If you leave them as friends then you should not complain about ANY security/privacy issues within Facebook, you alone are allowing yourself to be exposed.