Are you curious about becoming a Certified Social Media Manager?

Let’s see if I can answer some questions for you…

But first, I dare you to imagine what an extra $300, $800 or $2000 a month can do to make your lifestyle dreams come true!

Hi, I’m Eden Rudin and I’m have been guiding, training and mentoring individuals to create and grow their own social media manager business since 2009.

Why do people seek me out…

    • My integrity and reputation are based on my style of no-nonsense, free of BS and full of real life, real world stuff that can actually be used.
    • I’m know for my passion when it comes to helping others create a business that allows them┬áthe freedom and flexibility to live the life they deserve.
    • I have been around the block, as they say. Being in the social media management space since 2008 means that not only am I connected with some of key players, I also know where to go to stay on top of all the changes.
    • When traveling the globe I speak to audiences, in all kinds of industries, on how to grow their business utilizing social media.

“Eden was instrumental in helping me get my Social Media Manager business off the ground……I had my first paying client within 15 days.”

Jessica Reed

Kinetic Marketing 4 Social Media

Now about those questions, I have something for you...

Let me answer some of the top questions I get asked…just enter your details and download this little book I put together for you. Oh, and feel free, after you read it, to send me any other questions you may have!