Business Page Bootcamp

Live 5 Week Group Training Program 

Exactly what you’ve been looking for if you are ready to fine tune your Facebook Page, from the basic foundations right through to gaining visibility, growth, and engagement for your products and services.


Business Page Bootcamp

A live 60 day group training where I will walk through the in’s and out’s of running a successful Facebook Page.

I’m a no fluff, let’s get to the real meat and potatoes kind of trainer and that is what you should expect.

This isn’t about collecting likes or finding a post that will go viral, this is about getting your page optimized and working for you!

During our time together, I’m sharing with you EVERYTHING I know, from both a strategic and technical perspective. What is working in Facebook right NOW, as well as secret strategies that I have used with clients, taught on stage to hundreds and even use in my business, everyday.

Let’s face it, you are busy running your business and don’t have time to sort through 10,490,000,000 pages on Google to get the help you need.

Yep, I just did a search on Google and this is what came up…


Who has time to sift through all of that and find the good among the bad and THEN learn it too? 
I am pretty certain you don’t!

Don’t let a lack of knowledge — or lack of people seeing you and your offerings — be the reason why your business isn’t growing.

What you can expect:

This is a live group program, which means you will be joining me, for 5 days, inside of a private Facebook group.

Here is what that will look like:

Invaluable Live Training

Every week I will go live, in the group, with multiple trainings. You can watch them live and interact or they will be ‘grouped’ by week and you can watch them when it is convienent for you. 

Live Q&A Every Friday

Join me every Friday to review where you may be stuck with the weeks lessons. We won’t rush through the Q&A’s, I want to make sure you feel confident implementing what you have learned that week.

Get Guidance

I want you to see you succeed and using the group as your safe space to get feedback, input and guidance is what it is all about.

And here is what you will learn:

Week 1

The Algorithm and why it matters so much to you and your success!

How to set up your Page. From hacking your cover photo to filling in the gaps.

Week 2

The personal connection! How to move around Facebook and make it count!
(Including interacting in groups)

Week 3

Content: The what, where, when and how of posting on Facebook.

This is my favorite week of all!

Week 4

Sell what you have inside of Facebook, without feeling sleazy.

Plus tricks and hacks you can use over and over again!

Week 5

Repurposing what you have, from testimonials to content!

Insights matter: keeping an eye on the tools Facebook gives you.

In total transparency, I will not be covering Facebook Ads in this course. I may touch on them but it will be very loosley.

Business Page Bootcamp

Course is currently closed – new session starting Summer 2020

Drop your details in and I will let you know know when registration opens again (and even send over in a VIP discount )

“I saw immediate results from all the help she gave us!”

I have had the pleasure of attending two of Eden’s class’. Eden is intelligent, organized, funny and very helpful.  I would recommend her class for anyone wanting to learn more about their social presence!

Sandy Buckendorf – All Seasons Storage

Business Page Bootcamp is your chance to pull back the curtain and get insights on how to build your Facebook presence and make it work for you.

who is this for?

The content and strategies I teach in this bootcamp are geared towards business that are personal/lifestyle brands and solopreneuers.

If you are a coach (life, health, wellness, fitness, etc), an artist, author, blogger, web designer, social media marketer, hair stylist, manicurist or even in network marketing then you are in the right place.

If you have a typical Main Street brick and mortar store this class isn’t really for you.

If you are unsure please feel free to email me at grow at and I am happy to help you decide. 

who is Eden rudin?

Hi there, let me introduce myself, I’m Eden.
I’m a social media coach, online strategist and international speaker. I am passionate about Facebook and teaching personal brands and soloprenuers how to effectively use Facebook to grow their business.

I started using Facebook for my brick and mortar business back in 2008, that’s when I first saw the true power of Facebook, and what it can do for businesses, and it’s been a one way love affair every since. Fast forward a few years and I have helped hundreds of business owners maximize their activities and presence on Facebook in person as well as through online workshops and summits.

Fun fact: My husband and I have been nomads for over 5 years and travel the globe with just 2 suitcases.  

I can’t wait to take you through the step-by-step process to building a better and stronger business presence on Facebook!