My coaching and consulting style is no-nonsense, free of bs and full of real life, real world stuff that you can relate to,  no fluff.

I offer coaching and guidance, no matter what stage of the game you are in!


Brainstorming session  – Lightbulb moments

You’re ancy, you’ve got ideas bouncing around in your head or  you have something brewing inside you and just cant seem to put your finger on.

Sometimes your putting something off because your not sure if its worth investing your time and energy into because you cant see how the big picture can all come together

I am a brainstormer, a ‘lightbulb moments’ whiz and an idea generator who can help you
Ideas, clarity, strategy , let’s bring it all together

Eden Rudin coachingWhen you book yourself in for a Brainstorming Session, we will spend 45 minutes together and we will :

  • Brainstorm the heck out of your ideas
  • Boil it down to an idea that you can focus your energy on
  • Create an action plan that you can actually implement to get going  – yes I will even send you a pdf of the notes from our session so you can have that in front of you as you start to dig in.

BONUS for MONTH <<  an additional 15 min. call to follow up, about 10 days later, to answer questions that may have come up or even to just to re-focus your sights on the goal.



Strategy Sessions Coaching is available as well, and priced on an individual basis, because you and your business don’t fit into a cookie cutter mold now do you?

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