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I am looking for 20 small businesses, think brick and mortar, who want to share their story of how using social media has helped their business grow or kept their doors open.

If you feel that you have a story to share that could inspire, encourage or help other small business owners see the power of social media please fill out all the information below and submit the application to me!

If you are a social media manger and have a client that you have seen great results with please submit your information in the contact form but when you tell me the details be sure to point out you are a SMM and they are your client. Interviewing you and giving you some exposure is absolutely fine with me as well.
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Please be sure to hit SEND MESSAGE  once you complete your application, you will receive a confirmation message near the top of the page if your submission was successful.
I will personally review all applications and all submissions may not be chosen to be interviewed. I reserve the right to make that determination but I will also be working on finding a creative way to showcase everyone that submits an application because I feel strongly that your progress can help inspire someone else.~ Eden