Doable 4 - How to Come Up with Great Headlines

How to Come Up with Great Headlines – Doable 4

Today is day 4 of our ‘Build Your List with 30 Daily Doables‘ Blog Tour.  Yesterday’s doable was about packaging your information – you will want to go back and check that one out, if you haven’t already. 

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Build Your List Blog Tour

Today is all about, great headlines!  One of the biggest things that can stop people is coming up with a headline for their free offer. The title is sometimes the only thing that people see, so having a title that grabs their attention is important.  On the flip side, you don’t want to get so caught up in writing a great title that you don’t get your free offer up.  It is better to have something up than nothing.

A few things that work well in headlines are:

  • Using a number – 7 tips to, 5 ways to, 9 mistakes – odd numbers seem to be used the most, but there isn’t a rule about it.  I think five or seven is a good number, as it isn’t too many to get through.

  • Using adjectives – free, incredible, essential, simple – to describe what they will be getting.

  • How to – everyone is looking to learn how to do certain things so ‘how to’ headlines are good to use.

  • Result/Benefit – what is the result they are going to get from an action you recommend?

  • Powerful Verbs – these are your action words.

Here are a few examples:

  • 7 Simple Steps You Can Take Today to Send More Traffic to Your Blog
  • Who Else Wants an Easier Way to Wash their Dog?
  • Here’s How to Quickly and Easily Write a Social Media Strategy
  • Discover How to Ski like an Olympic Athlete
  • Wash Your Face with my Secret Wash and have Younger Looking Skin

Spend some time looking at what other people have used for titles. You can also search for articles on writing headlines. Search Google for – ‘How to write great headlines’ – and a plethora of information will appear.

In this video, I take you through a couple of ways of coming up with headlines.

Also, refer back to the blog post – How to Decide on a Free Giveaway as what we cover in that video will also be useful for thinking of a headline.

I sometimes come up with my headline first and other times it comes to me when I am writing, or at the end. Don’t get stuck thinking you need to have the headline before you get going.

How do you come up with your headlines?  Share in the comments below.

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