As the year is winding down and we start to look at where we have been, how our businesses have changed (and hopefully grown) I am getting a strong feeling of wanting to make some changes too.

Now don’t panic, it’s just cosmetic stuff, website cosmetic not physical cosmetic ;-)!  I have been spending the past 45 days or so poking and prodding around various websites, and have bookmarked over 2 dozen sites, that all have design or graphic pieces that I love or really really like and possibly want to incorporate into a new look and feel for The Social Garden.

As I have been doing all that saving and poking around it occurred to me that it is time for me to invest into a Word Press Theme or Framework that can be flexible enough for me to really create some wonderfully custom websites for my clients.

And, being the ‘nerd’ I am,  I am having a BLAST checking out these Themes! Currently on the list of final contenders are: Genesis Framework with an undetermined Theme, Catalyst Theme and Headway Theme.
Now I understand that each of these will have a learning curve but I am trying to decide which one of them will be the best investment and weighing the options has been a challenge to say the least.

Now normally I am one that will change paint on the wall with a quick decision, or changing brands of laundry soap, no problem. But when it comes to investing into something for my business and other peoples business I find I take the slow approach.

How about you, when you find yourself wanting to make a change are you more the type to jump in with both feet or do you pause and do a lot of research?