As I go through this journey of helping small businesses realize the power of social media I find myself  frustrated, over and over again, when I only see the ‘big boys’ being used as examples of social media success stories, you know, the ones with huge marketing budgets that small business owner only dreams of.

I often air this frustration on Facebook and Twitter and continually hear back that you are also tired of seeing the same thing..

So I have decided that it is my mission to find a way to get the word out to the world that small businesses are having success with social media, Yes you heard right, I am undertaking finding the small business, brick and mortar stores who are seeing good results with their social media efforts.

I want to showcase them by conducting interviews with them so the can tell tell their story of success of adding social media into their business. Laptop with webcam

So if you are a small business owner and are seeing results with social media, things like :

  • More customers in your store/shop/restaurant
  • Great results with a certain product campaign
  • An event that drew a large crowd
  • More of your products being shipped out
  • Special that you only advertised socially and saw great results from

Whatever it is that you can proudly say ‘social media had (or continues to have) a large role in’ I want to hear from you!

With such a vast amount of  brick and mortar businesses I am sure there are millions of stories just waiting to be told!

My goal is to interview 20 small businesses on camera and share those interviews with the world to inspire, encourage and help open the minds of other small business owners.

So how about it, do you want to be a part of this ‘movement’ to empower, encourage and inspire other small businesses with your story?

If so click here and complete the application and I will be in touch!

If you are a Social Media Manager and one of your clients is a perfect candidate for interviewing, please get the clients approval ahead of time and then submit their site information with your contact information.

If your a small business that is not a ‘brick and mortar’ store, don’t worry I haven’t abandoned you. Once I get these 20 interviews out to the world I plan on doing another round of success stories for the little guy who doesn’t have a store front, so stay tuned for that opportunity.