Doable 10 - How to Set Up an Email List

How to Set Up an Email List – Doable 10

Here we are at day 10 of the ‘Build Your List with 30 Daily Doables’ Blog Tour. Yesterday we looked at choosing an email service provider. Go back and read it if you missed it, especially if you haven’t set yourself up with one yet. A full list of the blogs we have already visited can be found at the the Blog Tour Information Page.

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How to Set Up an Email List – Doable 10

The first thing you want to do in your new system is set up a list that is relevant to what your free offer is.  I am going to go through how to set up a list in Aweber, as that is the system that I use.  If you have another system, that is fine.  This will also be of use to you as most of the systems have pretty much the same set up.

You can have any number of lists set up.  I have a list for each of my free offers, all of my products, and also for the various webinars or contests I have held. People can be on more than one list.  For example, someone signed up for a free webinar that I put on, they then went on to purchase a course from me and also entered one of my contests.  They are going to be on those 3 lists.  If I send an email out to all of these lists they won’t receive the same email 3 times, as most systems won’t send out to duplicate emails – so they will only receive that email once.

I have created videos of the whole autoresponder set up.  You can find that in the resource area at

Log into your autoresponder account and click on manage lists, then create a list.

It will bring up your details that you entered when you signed up for the account. If the information is correct simply press ‘next step’.

It is here that you choose your list name. Weight Loss Tips, 10 Great Dates – whatever it is that you are going to call your offer, then below, add a description.  I never add more than a sentence here but you can add more if you like.

After you click ‘Next Step’ you are taken to the page to modify the ‘confirm opt in form’. Aweber likes all of your people to double opt in.  To be honest I don’t always make people do that. They say if people have double opted in then your list has more integrity.  I have never had any trouble with people opting in only once.  Just to clarify, if you aren’t sure what I mean by double opt in – when people first put in their name and email address that is the first opt in. An email is automatically sent to the person asking them to confirm their email address by clicking on a link – that is the second opt in. Basically they are saying twice that they want to receive the information.

The only thing I really change on this form is the part where it says – ‘receive email from ‘list name”. I always change this to say my name or the name of the website, so it then reads ‘to receive email from Stacey Myers’.  All you need to do to change that is click the edit button and type in the space.  Click ‘approve’ at the bottom and the list has been created.

In a lot of the systems it is automatically set to double opt in.  If you want to turn that off, using Aweber as an example, simply click on the ‘List Options’ tab at the top of the page. Click the second option “Confirmed Opt In,” scroll down the bottom, and click it to off.  This is also where you can change the page that people go to after they confirm.  

I have a thank you page that I send people to – You can set one of these up but you don’t have to, as there is a default page that people are automatically sent to.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a thank you page set up. I didn’t for ages when I first started. The other option is to send people to one of your social media sites.  Remember, just get started and you can add tweaks, bells, and whistles as you go along.

Do you have a thank you page set up on your website?  If so, leave a link below so we can see some other examples.

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