So there is sort of a transition going on for me right now, I’m not sure if it the really warm summer weather that is starting in Arizona, just a phase I am going through or something that is happening with the moon and stars but I have been itching for a change to my routine.

A few weeks ago I upgraded my husband from a Kindle (keyboard version) to a Kindle Fire. Now, in all honestly it was partially for selfish reasons.

You see, I have been downloarding PDF’s of books that I want to read onto my laptop but I never seem to be able to turn off all the distractions, on my laptop, to find the time to read them.

So, I thought, if I get him the Fire, he will love it, I can claim his old one and transfer the books to Kindle and I will actually close the laptop and read.

So guess what, I am happy to report my plan is working! A couple of days ago I spent about 1/2 hour transferring all the ‘books’ I have downloaded and have wanted to read and everyday I am spending at least 30 minutes actually reading them and I am feeling a little more balanced in my routine.

Although I am not reading real paper books, I am nourishing my body with information that it was getting anxious to absorb.

Here are a few of the books on my Kindle that are on the ‘First to read’ list  (links to authors websites) :

Engagement from Scratch Danny Iny

Ultimate Webinar Marketing Guide  Lewis Howes

Flip the Switch  PJ McClure

54 Pearls of Marketing Wisdom  Hub Spot

Authority Alliances  Chris Garrett

I would love to hear your thoughts on the methods to my madness, lets’ talk below in the comments.