I have to say that when we actually made our move to Belize, transitioning my ‘brand’ and my social media consulting and training business were not on the forefront of my mind, understandably.

When I began this business I knew it was something that could be ‘mobile’, that had a huge appeal to me and my family. But I didn’t really put any plans in place on how that transition would take place. BIG mistake on my part.

Although I knew it was completely possible there were other facotrs that needto be taken into consideration when moving my family and my business abroad, something that people in the ‘lifestyle’ business sector rarely talk about.

Some factors include things like:

  • Travel and unpacking time
  • Time to get settled in
  • Getting back into a routine

Luckily, on our pre-move road trip, we had more than adequate internet as we drove through the western United States, so working on the ‘road trip’ was easy enough to accomplish. The funny thing was I didn’t feel like working. It was more than a ‘didn’t feel like it, it’s Monday’ kind of feeling …I really just wanted to be lazy and sightseeing was much exciting go me.
Just the joy of not having to be somewhere at a specific time felt so nice.

So, what is a social media consultant to do…..use the tools at your disposal. Thank goodness for Facebook scheduling post feature, I was able to sit down every few days, plan posts, create graphics, touch base with my customers and make sure things were moving along smoothly without me being present.
And using Hootsuite for Twitter, what a gem!

Now for the big move to Belize.

Packing it all up to make the move to Belize

Packing it all up to make the move to Belize

Travel time seems like a no-brainier right? You know when you are scheduled to fly out and land, I can only say…. don’t count on it. Plan for a full extra day to be offline, beyond what your tickets says. I didn’t plan for this, although we arrived on the same day, a few hours later than scheduled we were completley worn out the next day. So much so, that my brain was even tired and I couldn’t get a grasp on anything more than 3 naps and some unpacking.

Now with the scheduling tools mentioned above you would think I would have thought of this, but the last minute packing/repacking and the emotions of saying goodbyes to family and friends had me worn out and in my mind I would be back in to the swing of the things the day after arriving, with all the excitement about our new life I would jump back into work mode.

Big mistake on my part

It took a lot more energy than I expected to get back into work mode. And creating a new routine for working, that wasn’t so easy either.

With no ice cream store to open/close everyday finding a routine that didn’t involve checking out of a hotel room, as we did on the roaad trip, took a little while as well.

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Have you ever felt like you had one of those lessons?