Eden Rudin

Business Owner and Multi Passionate Entrepreneur

Social Media and Marketing Strategist

5 things people usually notice about me right away:

  1. I talk fast and the more excited about a topic the faster I talk.
  2. Using my hands when I talk is part of my body language and usually it involves knocking something over.
  3. I will look you in the eye.
  4. Finding the positive in situations is how I live my life.
  5. I have a  passion for helping people solve their puzzles, even when they don’t think there is a puzzle.

So there is a unique glimpse into the ‘who is’ part of Eden Rudin.

Sometimes looking at things from a different angle can give you an idea if working with someone is a good fit.

I choose to only work with clients that I feel are a good fit, so if you think that could be you, get in touch.

Eden Rudin

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